90° Reducing Elbows

90° Reducing Elbows

90° Reducing Elbows

90° Reducing Elbows introduction

90° Reducing Elbows indicated here conform to ASME B16.9 & ASTM A234 WPB. When pipes with different sizes need to be connected and turn 90 degrees, 90° reducing elbows are necessary for that.

90° Reducing Elbows specification

Item 90° reducing elbows
Materials Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum alloy, plastics(PVC, PPR, FRPP), etc.
Pipe sizes NPS 2X11/2 - 12X6; or customized
Schedule Standard(STD), extra strong(XS), 40, 80, etc.
Application Petrochemical, construction, water supply&drainage, light&heavy industry, frozen processing, sanitary, plumbing, fire protection, electric power, aerospace, shipbuilding, etc.

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