Anticorrosive elbow

Anticorrosive elbow

Anticorrosive elbow

Anticorrosive elbow introduction

Anticorrosive elbow refers to the elbow treated by antiseptic craft processing, which can effectively prevent or slow down in the transport and use of chemical or electrochemical reaction occurred in the process of corrosion of steel elbow.

Anticorrosive elbow specification

Anticorrosive bend material including 0 #, 20 g, 16 mn, 16 MNR, 106 b, St45.8;

alloy steel: Cr5Mo, 15 crmo, 12 crmo, 12 cr1mov Cr9Mo and STBA20, STBA24, STBA25, P22, 10 crmo910;

stainless steel: 1 c18ni9ti, 0 cr18ni9, 00 g19ni10, 0 cr25ni20, 1 cr19ni9, 0 cr18ni12mo2ti, 321304304 L, 316316 L, 00 cr17ni, 14 mo2.

Main executive standard GB12459, GB/T13401, HGJ514, SHJ408, SHJ409, DL/T515, ANSIB16.9, ANSIB16.28, ASTMA234, ASTMA403, MSSSP43; JISB2311, JISB2312 JISB2313.

Anti-corrosion way: 3PE anti-corrosion, 3PE anti-corrosion,FBE anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion oil, etc.

3PE Anticorrosive bend

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