Auto belt 3PK-12PK

Auto belt 3PK-12PK

Auto belt 3PK-12PK:

Acron PK Belt, POLY V BELT

  1. Acron fan belt, v ribbed belt, PK belt, poly v belt, serpentine belt, Engine drive belt, Fan drive belt, Generator drive belt, V-ribbed belt, Poly-v belt, Micro-v belt, multi-v belt
  2. PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM
  3. Origin: made in China
  4. Material: EPDM for PK belt
  5. Model: 3PK-12PK with any specification
  6. Market: OEM and aftermarket
  7. Certificate: ISO/TS16949:2002, ISO9001:2008
  8. Application: engine, generator, water pump
  9. Car model: BMW, JAGUAR, VOVOL, TOYOTA
  10. Warranty: 60000-80000 km
  11. Productivity: 30000 pieces per month
  12. MOQ: 500 pieces
  13. Delivery: by shortest and promised lead-time to guarantee and service
  14. Payment: TT, LC, western union, wire transfer


J's -Light weight, electric motors, Air compressors, ice cream machines,excercise equipment.
K's -Auto serpentine,available in all lengths and custom cut-widths.
L's -Gas Compressors, Diesel Engins,Agriculture equip.
M's -Heavy equip.& compressors.

For BMW Cars and Trucks
6PK1080 425K6 7PK1629 641K7
6PK1090 429K6 7PK1640 645K7
6PK1180 465K6 4PK810 319K4
6PK1460 575K6 4PK825 325K4
6PK1510 594K6 4PK845 335K4
6PK1538 605K6 4PK855 337K4
6PK1550 610K6 4PK865 340K4
6PK1560 614K6 4PK890 350K4
6PK1575 620K6 4PK895 352K4
6PK1660 653K6 5PK815 321K5
6PK1700 669K6 5PK830 327K5
6PK1730 681K6 5PK865 340K4
6PK1740 685K6 5PK885 348K5
6PK1842 725K6 5PK900 354K5
6PK1875 738K6 5PK950 374K5
6PK1885 742K6 5PK975 384K5
6PK1995 785K6 5PK980 386K5
6PK2055 809K6 5PK990 390K5
6PK2070 815K6 5PK1010 398K5
6PK2080 819K6 5PK1030 405K5
6PK2095 825K6 5PK1120 441K5
7PK1040 409K7 5PK1145 451K5
7PK1605 632K7 5PK1165 459K5
For MERCEDES BENZ Cars and Trucks
6PK1335 525K6 6PK2255 888K6
6PK1352 532K6 6PK2263 891K6
6PK1975 778K6 6PK2275 895K6
6PK1980 779K6 6PK2370 933K6
6PK2030 799K6 6PK2385 939K6
6PK2080 819K6 6PK2400 945K6
6PK2100 827K6 6PK2415 951K6
6PK2120 835K6 6PK2440 960K6
6PK2135 840K6 6PK2465 970K6
6PK2145 844K6 6PK2475 974K6
6PK2170 854K6 6PK2515 990K6
6PK2200 866K6 5PK1750 689K5
6PK2225 876K6 8PK2440 960K8
6PK2250 886K6 8PK2585 1018K8
For VOVOL Cars and Trucks
3PK660 260K3 6PK1650 649K6
5PK850 335K3 6PK1840 724K6
5PK885 348K5 6PK1080 425K6
6PK1550 610K6 8PK1570 618K8
6PK1740 685K6 8PK1015 400K8
6PK1615 636K6 8PK1320 519K8
6PK1755 691K6
Belt for Peugeot cars
11A0620 11A0710 4PK0700 6PK1080
11A1180 11A0950 4PK0970 6PK1600
11A0815 11A0775 4PK0840 6PK1740
11A0980 11A0785 4PK0640 6PK1130
11A1030 11A0890 4PK0875 6PK1755
11A0825 11A0735 5PK0725 6PK1145
11A1130 11A1120 5PK1015 6PK1215
11A0650 13A0900 5PK1270 6PK1590
11A0875 13A0890 5PK1390 6PK1715
11A0750 13A1000LA 5PK1010 6PK1590
11A1055 13A1370 6PK1730 6PK1885
11A1005 13A1105 6PK1575 6PK1420
11A0800 13A1125 6PK1725 6PK2120
11A1090 13A1155 6PK1700 6PK0870
11A1295 13A0865 6PK1050 6PK0880
11A0915 13A1135 6PK0975 6PK1000
11A0840 13A0950 6PK1660

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