Auto Clutch Cover 420 395

Auto Clutch Cover 420 395

Auto Clutch Cover:

Clutch between the engine and gearbox flywheel housing, clutch assembly with screws fixed to the plane after the flywheel, clutch gearbox output shaft is an input shaft. In the process of moving car, the driver may need to depress or release the clutch pedal, the engine and gearbox temporary separation and gradual engagement, to cut off or pass the engine to the transmission input power.

Clutch assemblymeans:clutchdriven disc assembly+clutch pressure plateandrelease bearingcover assembly+flywheel;clutchcover assemblyisone ofthe clutch assembly.

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Model Hole number Hole diameter Engine Auto Model
420 Cummins 11 YuChaiYC6112,WeiChaiWD615,
Heavy Duty TruckSteyr,HongyanSteyrCQ1190(1300,1260),Qingdao AutoXA12T,15T,Auman3280,EQ1242,EQ3242,KingLong,Yutong
420 Deutz
12 11 ShangchaiSC8D,6C,Cummins6CT8.3 KingLong,Yutong,Daewoo Bus
395 12 10.7 Cummins6BT5.9,EQB-180,EQB-210 DongFeng,Qingdao Auto9t,Yaxing,Foton
395 Explosion proof 8 12.7/11 Cummins6BT5.9,EQB-180,EQB-210 DongFeng,Qingdao Auto9t,Yaxing,Foton


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