Choke Valve

Choke Valve

Choke Valve:

1. Brief Introduction:

We have various chock valve. The choke valve, a main component of Christmastree, is design to control production rate of the oil well,with working pressure up to 10000psi. Choke valve scan be classified as follows: adjustable choke valves and positive choke valves. By rotating handwheel todrive the stem, the adjustable choke valve is designedto adjust the effective area available for the flow to ac-complish control of production rate. The positive choke valve is design to accomplish control of production rateby changing flow beans.

2. Design and Manufacture Standard:

American Standard or Chinese Standard

3. Specification:

Valve Body Material A105N
Nominal Diameter 1 inch
Nominal Pressure Class1500
Connection RTJ
Fluid Phase Liquid Phase
Drive Way Hand Drive
4. Choke Valve Picture 1:

Choke Valve Picture 1

5. Choke Valve Picture 2:

Choke Valve Picture 2

6. Choke Valve Picture 3:

Choke Valve Picture 3

7. Choke Valve Picture 4:

Choke Valve Picture 4

8. Choke Valve Picture 5:

Choke Valve Picture 5


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