Cutter Teeth

Cutter Teeth

Cutter Teeth:

Cutter heads equipped with teeth are used loosen the earth or hard surface materials like rock or gravel from the sea- or river bed. The dredged soil is usually sucked up by a wear-resistant centrifugal pump and discharged through a pipe line or to a barge.
The cutter teeth design and manufactures it in its unique composite material and wear resisting material. Widely used in the dredging project.

Technical features and performance:

1.The unique male teeth design and easy locking system.
2.The unique alloy, in which a composite insert is placed to reinforce the working tip of the tooth.
3.Self sharpening of the tooth, better ground penetration, increased production.
4.Increased lifetime ,decreased frequency and duration of maintenance stops, increased cum dredged per day.

NOTE: For more information, please contact us. We can design and produce the cutter teeth for you.

Various Cutter Teeth of Cutter Head for Dredger.jpg

Various Cutter Teeth of Cutter Head for Dredger

cutter teeth in workshop.jpg

cutter teeth in workshop

cutter teeth on cutter head.jpg

cutter teeth on cutter head

cutter teeth on CSD.jpg

cutter teeth on CSD


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