CYL Semi-rotary Hand Pump

CYL Semi-rotary Hand Pump

CYL Series Semi-rotary Hand Pump:


CYL semi-rotary hand pump for pumping water, gasoline, kerosene and on iron and copper and other non-corrosive liquid, do not apply to contain fibers or other solids in the liquid, the suction liquid temperature under 60℃. CYL hand pump has the advantages of compact structure, elegant style, convenient and reliable use. Available for shipping, mining, enterprises, schools, and other units to use vehicles.
Model Explanation CYL-15
CYL-Half twist-action hand pump
15-Inlet and outlet diameter 15mm

Performance Parameter

Type Capacity Head Inlet vacuum height Weight
(l/min) (m) (m) (kg)
CYL-15 15 14 5 5
CYL-20 20 14 5 5.5
CYL-25 25 26 6 7.5
CYL-32 28 26 6 9
CYL-40 65 18 6.5 22.5
CYL-50 105 18 6.5 34.5


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