Deck Rudder Propeller

Deck Rudder Propeller

Deck type Rudder Propeller can be mechanically or hydraulically raised or lowered in vertical direction by means of a depth adjustment facility .

The serves to ensure maximum propeller thrust at all vessel draughts by maintaining the correct propeller immersion.

For maintenance purposes, the rudder thruster can be pivoted out of the water to the rear hydraulically or mechanically by hand.

1.Plus its suitable large diameter and low rotating speed design,can with nozzle;

2.the shape of rudder-rod and its distance to propeller are optimized so as to further improve efficiency and reduce vibration and steering moment;
3.The steering mode can be hydraulic motor-driven or electrical motor-driven.Drive power from 20KW- 2250KW
4.Propeller is fixed pitch and open or with nozzle. Propeller diameter from 500 mm-2600 mm.
5.Application: tug boat, harbor workboat, service ship, ferry and engineering ship

Azimuth thruster parameters
Model Input power Input speed Propeller diameter Propeller type Max force
(kW) (rpm) (mm) (T)
RP 20-150 1500-2500 500/600/700 FPP 3.4
RP 150-250 1500-2350 700/800/900 FPP 2.9
RP 230-480 1200-2350 900/1000/1100 FPP 7.4
RP 420-690 830-1800 1200/1300/1400 FPP/CPP 11.1
RP 650-980 830-1800 1500/1600/1700 FPP/CPP 16.1
RP 950-1500 830-1500 1900/2000/2100 FPP/CPP 24.3
RP 1320-1750 750-1500 2200/2300/2400 FPP/CPP 29.3
RP 1650-2250 550-1200 2400/2500/2600 FPP/CPP 36.9


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