DP Miniature Diaphragm Pump

DP Miniature Diaphragm Pump

MP magnetic driving pump


1.to increase the pressure of the house water supplier, facilitate the auto hydro-cleaning, and seawater desalt on the boat.
2.Be the same with the water purify by filter, water refine equipment, filter, sprayer serve and supply measure in carious industry say chemical, hegiene, environmental protecting, and printing etc.


●low sound, corruption proof, high pressure deiven power, auto-suck 5m maximal.
●Temperature of medium at 60℃ maximal.
●Dehydration performance permitted.
●Self-serve switch which control by pressure test make sure the water pump free damage on its performing.
●Inne spilling valve insure it performance the regular.
●Easily disassemble and assemble
●Low voltage supply avoid the human threaten

Technical Parameter

Model Voltage(VDC) Maximal(A) Max capacity GPM(L/min) Revolution (r/min) Max pressure PSI(MPa) Suction course (m) PSI (MPa) power(W)
DP-35 12 7 2.5(9.5) 1200 35(0.24) 5 35(0.24) 40
24 4.8 3.2(12) 1300 35(0.24) 5 35(0.24) 40
DP-60 12 6 1.3(5.0) 1200 60(0.42) 5 60(0.42) 40
24 3 1.3(5.0) 1200 60(0.42) 5 60(0.42) 40
DP-60A 12 3.5 0.8(3.0) 375 60(0.42) 5 - 20
DP-60 220 0.0309 1.3(5.0) 1200 60(0.42) 5 60(0.42) 20
DP-100 24 1.1 0.32(1.2) 375 100(0.68 5 100(0.68 10
DP-125 24 1 0.26(1.0) 375 125(0.86 5 125(0.86 10
DP-160 12 10.5 1.5(5.5) 470 160(1.1) 5 160(1.1 15
DP-130 24 1.2 0.45(1.7) 470 130(0.90) 5 / 15
12 2.2 0.45(1.7) 470 130(0.90) 5 / 15


1.DP-130,DP-125,DP-100 could be facilitated by the alternative current at 24V.

2.Index:GMP-gal/min,LPM-liter/min,PSI-pound/square inch.

3.Conversion formulae:1 gal/3.78Litres 1Mpa=145pis

Installation guide

1.installation, need tp pull out the diaphragm pump the import and export of block.
2.With the pump with incidental, DP130,import and export joint DP-125 ,100,and the DP-60 type diaphragm pump the import and export ZG3/8” teeth G29/65” DP-35 pump use 3/8” import and export the hose coupling teeth.
3.Pump should press level installation; such as vertical installation, pump head should be down.
4.In the import of pipeline pump installation of a strainer, this is the effective use of assurance. Pump(DP-35 type pump in the head with screen pack, is no installation ha filters).
5.Pump base points nylon base, the iron base rubber feet column, the user can reference the installation drawing to choose.


1.DP series diaphragm pump adopts the 12V or 24V of the permanent magnet dcmotor, the user 10 million don’t directly use the 220V power source, if direct insert 220V power supply, motor burn out immediately. Our company have various types of transformer, if the user foes not have the system pressure equipment, can change adds apply, in order to make the diaphragm pump transformer normal operation.
2.The pump is conveying water, weak acid, salt and liquid containing particles, not the liquid, gasoline and other flammable liquid.
3.Pump use conditions:0℃~40℃, the temperature of the medium<60℃.
4.If placed in the open air, pump use, should the protection, in order to avoid water from entering the motor, causes power, leakage or motor damage.
5.If discover the pump or pipe leakage, hope to be fixed, lest damage motor, cause other accidents.
6.Vertical installation, pump head should be down.


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