Driller Cabin

Driller Cabin

Driller Cabin

Features of Driller Cabin:

  • Driller cabins for various drilling rigs available;
  • As control core of a drilling rig, it integrates the main functions of operating and information processing of the rig;
  • Indicating various drilling operation parameters and monitoring the working condition of all the electric equipment with an integrated meter system of analogue and digital meters;
  • IPC applied to record the drilling data and print the data report and the parameter curve;
  • A video monitoring system, a wire telephone communication system, a noxious gas testing & alarming system and a braking system integrated;
  • Design conforming to ergonomics requirements and related electric standards and regional explosion-proof requirements;
  • Compact structure with good view;
  • Providing a comfortable and safe operating environment for the driller;

Pictures of Driller Cabin:

Driller Cabin.jpg

Driller Cabin

Driller Cabin - Interior View.jpg

Driller Cabin - Interior View

Driller Cabin  Operating - Interior View.jpg

Driller Cabin Operating - Interior View

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