Electronic Control Seat

Electronic Control Seat

Electronic Control Seat:

1. Aluminum alloy pedestal with air operated lifting system

2.Wire control guide rail type


  1. Meet the ergonomics design
  2. Seat movable on the strong slideway
  3. Adjustable backrest and headrest
  4. Seat height can be adjusted for angle
  5. Movable seat forward and back
  6. Foldable/angle adjustable comfort armrests
  7. Swivel-mechanism 360,Multi-point positioning
  8. Height adjustable/foldable footrest
  9. Strong lifting column/Saltwater resistant/shock absorber in column


1. The slide guide rail and positioning base : high strength of aluminum alloy. The Mosaic Bevel edge decorative: stainless steel material;

2. Mobile base, lifting columns: the steel and Stainless steel products .

3. Seat lifting tilted, and moved back and forth, back of a chair Angle adjustment :The steel structure;

4. The seat back and seat cushion :steel inner core and PU cold foaming sponge synthesis, covered by leather or cloth art;

5. Foot pedals :the steel inner core and Environmental rubber products synthesis;

6. Air pressure lifting core components and Gas Spring : German import Stabilus;


1. The chair face material is black high quality PU imitation leather, can also be

Customized True Leather or fabric;

2. Chair face shape and color Can be customized according to customer requirements;

3. Standard Slide-style driving seat track length is 1.2 m, if need to lengthen, Can be customized according to customer requirements;

A.Chair back adjust control switch.
B.Slide the seat control swith.
C.Locking handle.



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