Flexible PVC shielded control cable

Flexible PVC shielded control cable

Flexible PVC shielded control cable application

Flexible PVC shielded control cable for industrial automation, control systems and other mechanical and electrical equipment electrical connections installed. The cable has a good flexibility. Sheath using oil PVC, so the cable has good oil resistance. Tinned copper braid shield so that the cable has a strong resistance to external electromagnetic interference, to ensure the stability of the cable system.

Flexible PVC shielded control cable Characteristics

1)Operating voltage: 300/500V
2)Test voltage: 1500V
3)Insulation resistance: ≥ 20MΩ/km (20 ℃)
4)Minimum bending radius: Mobile installation: about 20x D (Cable OD)
Fixed installation: approximately 6x D (Cable OD)
5)Operating temperature: -5 ° C to move the installation to +70 ° C
Fixed installation -30 ° C to +70 ° C
6)Fire performance: compliance with VDE 0472 - 804 Class B portion of the test standards, and IEC 60332-1
7)CE certified

Flexible PVC shielded control cable Construction

Conductor Fine strands of bare copper wire, comply with VDE0295, 5 class conductor
Insulation Halogen specially blended materials
Core Core stranding, core colors conform VDE 0293
JZ black cores with white numbers coded yellow and green wires
JB cores with yellow-green color wire
OZ black wire white digital coding without yellow and green wires
OB colored yellow and green wire without wire
Inner sheath Halogen specially mixed material (optional)
Shield tinned copper braid shield, more than 85%
Outer sheath Halogen specially blended materials
Sheath color gray

Flexible PVC shielded control cable Specification

Conductor Cross-Section area(mm2)
Cable Cores
0.5 ~ 2.5
2 ~ 25
4 ~ 16
4 ~ 7
25 ~ 35

Noted:Other specification can be produced as per customer required.

Flexible PVC shielded control cable show

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