Food Factory Valve

Food Factory Valve

Food Factory Valve:

1. Product Brief Introduction:

(1). Model: ZTRS

(2). Type: Three Way Type

(3). Nominal Diameter: DN20-DN200 mm

(4). Flow Way: Bothway

(5). Type: diaphragm Type

(6). Material: Stainless Steel

(7). Pressure Surrounding: Low Pressure

(8). Sealing Type: Soft Sealing

(9). Drive Way: Pneumatic

(10). Material: Stainless Steel 304SS、316SS、316LSS
2. Product Specification:

Suitable Medium Water, steam, oil, all kinds of high corrosive chemical medium, weak alkali medium, ammonia, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, liquefied gas, air
Application Food Factory
The Valve Feature Compact structure, convenient installation adjustment precision
Spring Range 1.5~3kg/cm2(0.15~0.3MPa)
Surrounding Temperature -30~+70℃
Air Supply Port M16×1.5


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