FRP Tank

FRP Tank

FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Tank

Features of FRP Tank:

  • Lighter weight but higher strength: the density of FRP is 1.5-1.9g/cm3, just 1/4 of that of steel;
  • Corrosion resistance: resisting the corrosion of various acids, alkalis, salts and many types of oils and solvents;widely applicable to various areas of chemical corrosion resistance; replacing the materials such as stainless steel and non-ferrous metals to reduce the costs;
  • Smooth inner wall surface easy to clean: roughness coefficient =0.0084/sanitary/resisting microorganism corrosion/meeting food sanitation requirements if choosing food-grade resin as basal body;
  • Good cryogenic performance: applicable to -80℃ environment;
  • Good performance in heat insulation: thermal expansion coefficient= 2×10-5/℃, thermal conductivity coefficient= 0.2kcal/(㎡.h.℃),
  • Easy construction and convenient maintenance: applicable to make complicate-structure and large-volume tanks by winding on site;
  • Accessories such as liquid level gauge, protecting rails, ladders, platforms, etc. available upon requirements of clients;
  • Widely applied to the fields such as chlorine-alkali, polycrystalline silicon, brewage, sea water desalination, power plant desulfurization, titanium dioxide, viscose fiber, metallurgy, waste gas treatment, etc.;
  • Max. volume: 100000m3;
  • FRP tanks customized for trucks available;

Specifications of FRP Tank:

Vertical FRP Tank with Flat Bottom:

Form 1-1 (Vertical FRP Tank with Flat Bottom).jpg

Form 1-2 (Vertical FRP Tank with Flat Bottom).jpg

(Customized specifications available)

Vertical FRP Tank with Convex Bottom:

Form 2-1 (Vertical FRP Tank with Convex Bottom).jpg

Form 2-2 (Vertical FRP Tank with Convex Bottom).jpg

(Customized specifications available)

Horizontal FRP Tank:

Form 3-1 (Horizontal FRP Tank).jpg

Form 3-2 (Horizontal FRP Tank).jpg

(Customized specifications available)

FRP Tank Wound on Site:

Form 4-1 (FRP Tank Wound on Site).jpg

Form 4-2 (FRP Tank Wound on Site).jpg

(Customized specifications available)

FRP Tank for Truck:

Form 5 (FRP Tank for Truck).jpg

(Customized specifications available)

Pictures of FRP Tank:

FRP Tank.jpg

FRP Tank

FRP Tank under Construction.jpg

FRP Tank under Construction

FRP Tank Wound on Site.jpg

FRP Tank Wound on Site

FRP Tank for Truck.jpg

FRP Tank for Truck

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