G series Mono screw pump

G series Mono screw pump

mono / single screw pump:

G type mono screw pump

1. Trans portational medium
Liquid with different viscosity,especially the thick medium which is difficult to transfer.
Liquid with different concentration and dry material which is separated an dehydrated.
Liquid which contains solid particle,fibre an suspended matter.
Mixture of liquid,gas and solid.
Sensibility liquid which could net be mixed , cut ang rob.
Corrosive liquid.
2. Work Features
It has wide application.It could transfer all flowing medium adn non-running material.
It has steady flow adn pressure,no pulsation .
Change the speed,so the output flow be modified.It could be used in measuring input.
It has strong inhale power , low working noise,no leak and tenperature rising.

3. Lectotype of mono Screw Pump
Correct lectotype is important for getting best use result, In order to meet different physical or chemical properties and operating demands of medium,we suggest:the client provides the operation data,then our professional staff recoommend lectotye,at last the client confimend.

The necessary major operation data for lectotype:
Transportation medium:Name,Corrosivity,Abradability,Viscosity,Solid contains,Work temperature
Operation data:Flow or flow range,Max pressure ,Continuous or discontinuous operation
Installation Enviroment:Horizontal or vertical,fix or moving,special requirements for connect pipe line,requirements of esplosion-proof and protect.
4. Application Fields(Part)

Chemical Industry and Pharmacy
Environment Engineering
Mineral Products Engineering
Food industry
Papermaking industry
1、Thickened oil delivery
2、Oil and gas mixed delivery
3、Oil and water separate and waste oil recovery system
4、Sewage treatment
5、Polymer delivery

1、All kinds of paste matters
2、All kinds of lactescence
3、All kinds of suspension
4、All kinds of liquid which conti-nueains gas and solid
5、All kinds of medium which could not be mix or cut

1、Different sewage delivery
2、Dewatering sludge delivery
3、Measuring input of flocculent and chemical preparation
4、Oil and water separate and waste gas desulfurization
1、Water gas equipment and delivery
2、Production equipment of titanium white,kaoliu and hydrofiil
Feeding to spial-flow adn filter
3、Chemical input
4、Charging adn grouting
5、Electrolyte treatment
1、Dairy products
2、Juice,puree,sloughtissue and condiment
3、Beer and brewery
1、Paw material equipment
2、Process of coating and tinting
3、Chemical measuring
4、Slag and waste water treatment

5. Working Principle

The elastic stator with special helical surface mold cavity and the rotor weht big lead and big depth of tooth mesh and formed continuous sealing line in the mold cavity of stator,sepatate the suction cavity from the extrusion cavity.When the rotor move,the mmold cavity move to the discharge direction cotinuously,so the liquid be inhaled and discharger continuously.

6. Performance

For performance table is too large, so we will send to you email according the real situation.


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