Heat Insulating Gear Pump (YCB-G)

Heat Insulating Gear Pump (YCB-G)

YCB-G Series Heat Insulating Gear Pump:


This series of heat insulating gear pump is used to transfer medium without solid partcles and with temperature not higher than 300℃. It is the best choise for the medium with solidifying character under the normal temperature, such as, heavy oil, asphalt, resin, detergent and glue, ect..It is especially suitable for outdoor installation in cold area and for insulation demand in certain craftwork course.

This series heat insulating gear pump belongs to external geat pump.The shape of tooth is formed by arc and sine curve. It can transfer many kinds of medium with steady output flow adn pressure. There are heat insulating jacket and inlet and outlet joints on the pump casing, so it has the function of heat preserving, heating and cooling by adopting the media such as heat-conducting oil, steam, hot water and cold water. When the viscosity of transferred medium is larger than 1500cSt, reduced speed transmission should be adopted.

Model Explanations

YCB---------Gear Pump
25----------Capacity 25 m3/h
-0.6--------Differential Pressure 0.6MPa
G-----------Heat Insulating Type

Performance Data

Model Caliber (mm) Capacity(m3/h) Differential Pressure (Mpa) Speed(r/min) Motor Power(Kw)
YCB0.6-0.6G φ25 0.6 0.6 910 0.75
YCB1.6-0.6G φ32 1.6 910 0.75
YCB3.3-0.6G φ40 3.3 940 1.5
YCB4-0.6G φ50 4 940 105
YCB8-0.6G φ65 8 960 3
YCB10-0.6G φ65 10 970 4
YCB20-0.6G φ80 20 970 7.5
YCB25-0.6G φ80 25 970 11
YCB30-0.6G φ100 30 970 11
YCB40-0.6G φ125 40 970 15
YCB50-0.6G φ125 50 970 22


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