Hydraulic Ball Valve

Hydraulic Ball Valve

Hydraulic Ball Valve:

1. Product Introduction:

(1). Model: Q747F/S-900Lb

(2). Application: Petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, utilities and other industries

(3). Media: Water, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Drilling Rig Liquid

(4). Control: Remote Control, Manual Mechanism.

(5). The valves can devide into two parts: valve portion, drive control.

2. Executive Body Parts:

(1), the two drive unit consists of hydraulic cylinder and the fork bodies, and the drive unit is mounted on the valve position signal switch.
(2), the hydraulic pressure source of hydraulic station according to the user's situation a variety of configurations.
3. Working Theory:

Q747F/S-900Lb hydraulic valve uses the valve for water, oil, gas, drilling fluids and other media from gathering pipelines as a closing device. Hydraulic valve by a hydraulic actuator and ball two major components. Rely on mobile devices is also driven rotary ball valve stem from the eyes of rotation to achieve.

4. Hydraulic Ball Valve in Factory Picture:

Hydraulic Ball Valve in Factory


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