Anchor Chain Pear Shackle

Anchor Chain Pear Shackle

Anchor Chain Pear Shackle:

Anchor chain pear shackle can be used to connect the anchor-chain to the anchor. It often replace the D type anchor shackle used in the rest of the world. It can also connect a smaller chain to a bigger chain.
Anchor chain pear shackle in every size from dia 12.5mm-132mm always supply. Bigger pear shackle on request.


1.Material: Heavy duty forged steel

2.Diameter: 12.5mm-132mm

3.Grade: Grade2,3,4

anchor chain pear shackle 1.jpg

Anchor chain pear shackle

pear KLEUR.jpg

Anchor chain pear shackle

dismantling of pear shaped anchor shackle.gif

Dismantling of anchor chain pear shackle


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