API 6D Gate Valve

API 6D Gate Valve

API 6D Gate Valve:

1. Standard:

Design and Manufacture: API 6D

Face to Face/ End to End: API 6D

Flange Dimension: ANSI B16.5

Pressure Temperature Lating: ANSI B16.34

Inspection and Test: API 6D

2. Advantages:

(1). The fluid resistance is small. Sealing surface is difficult to be brushed and eroded by medium.

(2). It takes less effort when opening and closing.

(3). Medium flow unrestricted, non spoiler, do not reduce the pressure.

(4). Simple shape, the short length of the structure, good manufacturing processes for a wide range.

3. Specification:

API 6D Gate Valve 3.jpg

4. The picture of API 6D Gate Valve Drawing:

API 6D Gate Valve Drawing


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