Dredge Overflow Syetem

Dredge Overflow Syetem

Dredge Overflow Features and Performance:
Dredge Overflow systems are designed to optimise the efficiency of the dredging process, by ensuring the maximum retention of solids.
The dredge overflow drains excess process water overboard. An effective dredge overflow system induces little turbulence, allowing the mixture maximum time to settle. All dredge overflows are designed with the needs of a specific vessel in mind. A good dredge overflow system can significantly raise net production.
The dredge overflow system generally consists of a fixed outer part and a sliding inner part, both tubular. At the top of the moving part is a cone or rectangular-shaped weir, the purpose of which is to obtain a non-turbulent, uniform flow to encourage settling. The moving part is raised or lowered by means of a hydraulic cylinder attached to the fixed part.
If required, a mechanical or electro-mechanical position indicator can be fitted. The range of the moving part corresponds to the desired minimum and maximum overflow levels. The stroke can be enlarged by the use of a telescopic three-part overflow.
Dredge Overflows are available in diameters from 900 to 2100mm. There is a unit to suit all needs.
1. high quality
2. reasonable price
3. quick delivery
1. Telescopic system allows optimal overflow levels
2. Maximum retention of solids
3. Increased net production
4. Different design of optional anti-turbidity valve.

dredge overflow on dredger.jpg

dredge overflow on dredger

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working picture


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