Lift-away Hatch Cover

Lift-away Hatch Cover

Lift-away Hatch Cover


The hatch cover panels can be lifted by deck crane and stocked horizontally one above the other. Non-sequential operation and partial opening possibility enables flexibility in loading and discharging. They provide weather protection for the cargo hold and bear the load of on-deck containers.

Lift-away hatch covers for use on the weather-deck are divided into two categories: single-panel covers and multi-panel covers. Single-panel types consist of one cover for each opening, and Multi-panel covers comprise several separate panels for each hatch opening.

1. Simple and reliable structure, no driver device needed.

2. Easy to operate, convenient to repair.

3. The number of cover plate is unlimited, suitable for hatches of different length.

4. Mainly used on container ship weather-deck, middle deck of multi-function ship, long hatch, etc.

5. Containers can be loaded on its top. It can separate goods on bulk cargo ship as tween-deck.





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