NEK 606 Marine&Offshore Cable

NEK 606 Marine&Offshore Cable

NEK 606 Marine&Offshore Cable

NEK 606 Marine&Offshore Cable Application

NEK 606 Marine&Offshore Cable is Halogen free MUD resistant, suitable for low or high voltage, control, lighting, instrumentation and communication cable and hydrocarbon fire (HCF) resistant conditions.

NEK 606 Marine&Offshore Cable Construction

Stranded tinned copper conductors, ethylene propylene rubber insulation, polyester tape with a 0.75mm ² after stranded copper drain wire overall shielded copper, halogen-free thermoplastic elastomer body sheathed tinned copper braid and Halogen-free thermoplastic elastic body sheath. Shielded version of each pair or triplet polyester tape around the band after a 0.75mm ² stranded copper drain wire copper conductors.

NEK 606 Marine&Offshore Cable technical parameter

Temperature Max 85°C, Min -40°C
Static bending radius 6 x O.D.
Sheath Oxygen Index > 31%

NEK 606 Marine&Offshore Cable Model

Power and control cables
P1 or P1/P8 RFOU / TFOU 0.6/1KV
P18 RU 0.6/1kV
P15 UX 0.6/1kV
Fire power and control cable
P5 or P5/P12 BFOU 0.6/1KV
P17 BU 0.6 / 1 kV
P34 BFOU-HCF 0.6 / 1 kV
Medium voltage power cable
P2 or P2/P9 RFOU / TFOU 3.6/6KV
P3 or P3/P10 RFOU / TFOU 6/10KV
P4 or P4/P11 RFOU / TFOU 8.7/15KV
P19 or P19/P21 RFOU 12/20KV
Fire medium voltage power cable
P6 or P6/P13 BFOU 3.6/6kV
P7 or P7/P14 BFOU 6/10kV
P30 RFOU-HCF / TFOU-HCF 6/10 (12) kV
Instrument Cable
S1 or S1/S5 RFOU (i) 250V
S2 or S2/S6 RFOU (c) 250V
P16 IFLI 250 V
S11 RU (i) 250 V
S12 RU (c) 250 V
Fire Instrument Cable
S3 or S3/S7 BFOU (i) 250V
S4 or S4/S8 BFOU (c) 250V
S13 BU (i) 250 V
S14 BU (c) 250 V
S15 BFOU-HCF (i) 250 V
S16 BFOU-HCF (c) 250 V
Communication Cable
S9 IYXI (c) 60 V
S10 IYOI (c) 60 V
Data Cable
Cat5E UTP / FTP Armoured Data Cable
Cat6 UTP / FTP Armoured Data Cable
Coaxial cable
RG6 Armoured Coaxial Cable
RG11 Armoured Coaxial Cable
RG59 Armoured Coaxial Cable
RG58 Armoured Coaxial Cable
Armoured Coaxial Cable RG213

NEK 606 Marine&Offshore Cable workshop show

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Testing Lab

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Finished Cable.jpg

Finished Cable

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Front door of workshop


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