Stockless Anchors

Stockless Anchors

Stockless Anchors:

Marine stockless anchor (Bower anchor) is most popular conventional bow anchor for marine, stockless have been extensively used in the mercantile marine and in some other navies, include spek anchor,hall anchor, baldt anchor,byer anchor, Japan stockless anchor, admiralty anchor, etc. ABS, LR, BV, NK, DNV, GL, KR, IRS, CCS certification can be provided for our anchors.

  • Spek anchor: 80KGS - 20000KGS ZG200-400, U2

The spek anchor is the improved anchor with lower point if gravity based on hall anchor.

Anchor fluke grounded easily, more stability, when spek anchor haul up, anchor fluke will turn over adainst the hull ,which would not make damage to ship hull.

spek anchor.jpg

Spek Anchor

The Halls anchor is one of the most popular anchors designed to fit anchor pockets on most ships.

Halls anchors are normally supplied with certification and these can be from any of the major classification societies.

Hall Anchor
  • Baldt anchor: 90KGS - 20000KGS ZG200-400, U2

The baldt anchor is a conventional type stockless anchor.

Baldt Anchor.jpg

Baldt Anchor

  • Byers anchor: 220KGS - 9550KGS ZG200-400, U2

The byers anchor is a conventional type stockless ship anchor.

The byers anchors can be supplied with certification from any of the major classification societies.

byers anchor.jpg

Byers Anchor

Japan stockless anchor is a normal type stockless anchor.

Normal Japan stockless anchor has a small ball on the point of fluke.

Japan stockless anchor.jpg

Japan Stockless Anchor

  • Admiralty anchor: 300KGS - 30000KGS ZG200-400,U2

The admiralty anchor is the most commonly used conventional stockless anchor.

It is mainly used for technical ships, recue ships, used as position anchor.

admiralty anchor.jpg

Admiralty Anchor

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