Suspension idlers

Suspension idlers

Suspension idlers(Hanging roller group) introduction

Structure characteristics of suspension idlers is that between rollers there is flexible connection.Using grasping finger/handle,the roller group can be articulated with rigid frame such as channel steel, steel tube;it also can be connected with flexible frame, for example, steel wire rope. The grasping handle may be rigid or flexible, different finger structure means different arc characteristics. Generally, the carrying idlers are three to five sections, the more section numbers, the more flexible of the idlers group, and the better the arc.


(1) Flexible connection of grasp handle makes strong centering effect of material transportation: the conveyor belt and the material can automatically return to the conveyor centerline because of their self gravity. The more roller section numbers, the larger slot angle increases, the better the centering effect.

(2) Good impact resistance. Flexible connection between the roller suspension idlers make roller relative positions changeable, which is good and easy to absorb the vibration impact from bulk materials, so suspension idlers are suitable for conveying bulk material.

(3) Reducing transmission noise and more environmentally friendly:Because of its characteristic of absorption of mechanical vibration and shock.

(4) Quick release and installation of grasp finger.

(5) High conveying capability.


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