Truck Rear Axle

Truck Rear Axle

Truck Rear Axle

Product name: Truck Rear Axle
Model Number: lLDAB-008
material: forged steel
Type: Rear Axles
manufacturing technical: roll forging+die forging
heat treatment: tampering
capacity: 11T/12T/14T/16T
brake: 420*180mm/420*200mm
PCD: 285.75mm/335mm
axle beam: 150*150
track: 1802/1805/1840mm
manufacturing standard: GB12361-2003
Application: Truck
Certification: ISO/TS16949
Main process for front axle: 1.Roll forged
2.Stamping & shaping
3.Trimming & adjusting
5.Crack detection
OEM accepted
Packaging Detail: wooden box

Model Capacity(T) Brake Size Track(mm) Axle Beam(mm) Studs(mm) P.C.D.(mm) Recommend Wheel Weight(kg) Bearing
LDAB-004 12 S420*180 1845 Square 150 10*M22*1.5 ISO 287.75 7.50V-20 360 Outer 33213Inner 33118
LDAB-006 14 S420* 220 1800 Square 150 10*M22*1.5 ISO 335 8.00V-20 483 Outer 33215Inner 32219
LDAB-028 16 S420* 220 2400 Square 150 10*M22*1.5 ISO 335 8.00V-20 528 Outer 32314Inner 32222
LDAB-008 18 S420* 200 2324 Square 150 10*M22*1.5 ISO 335 8.50V-20 525 Outer 32314Inner 32222
LDAB-009 20 S420* 200 2242 Square 150 10*M24*2.5 ISO 335 8.50V-20 745 Outer 32316Inner 32224

1.Integration hub cap,managing easily by convenient installation and disassembling ,can keeping oil.
2.Greater capacity ,long life ,low rolling resistance bearing ,dexterous and compact structure.
3.The axle use the design of lean1 so tire stress is more reasonable.
4.With the special –purpose lubricant film has good uniformity and lubricant effect under what kind of climatic conditions.
5.Bearing seals uses the design of floating –type oil-against ring structure,simple installment ,and reliable sealing.
6.Soft natures,asbestos free,long life brake linings ,steady and effective braking ,good thermostability.
7.The braking linings is connected to the support pin in bayonet lock,installation conveniently,automatic compensation ,returns to the position rapidly.
8.Partial enhancement square axle beam ,torsion and the anti-curved section coefficient is big ,the ability of torsion and anti-curved is strong.
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