ZYG-1.0 Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank

ZYG-1.0 Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank

The water pressure tank, which is the system to supply the drinking water, or washing water on the vessel.

ZYG-1.0 Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank Specification

1. Design Pressure: 0.7 MPa;
Working Pressure: 0.4 MPa;
Working medium:fresh water
2. Structural testing: 0.875MPa
Dense experiment:1.05MPa
3. Inside and outside superficial stain removal,
The internal surface coates non-toxic white
Drinking water tank primer and finish 2 degree;
Outside surface paint Fuxin primer 2 degrees, coating blue enamel paint 2 degrees.
4. Power supply: 3P AC480V 60Hz (optional)
5.The standard of the flange: CB46-89

ZYG-1.0 Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank General Drawing

ZYG-1.0 Hydrophore general drawing.jpg

No. Code number Name Qty. Material Remarks
1 Main body δ6 1 SS304
2 ULG-940H/A Liquidometer 1 Assembly
3 Instrument valve 2 Assembly
4 KP35 Pressure controller 1 Assembly
5 B40010 GB596 Stop-check valve 1 Copper Air inflation
6 YC-100T Pressure gauge 1 Assembly
7 Nameplate 1 SS304
8 A21F-16P Safety valve 1 Assembly
9 Electric control box 1 Assembly
10 DN400 Manhole cover 1 Assembly Draining
11 B16040 GB591-93 top-check valve 2 Assembly
12 DN20 Ball Valve 1 SS316
13 1.5CWX-4A Pump 2 cast iron 10m³/h0.35MPa,4kW
14 Base 1 Q235A


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