King Pin

King Pin

King Pin

The bracket/support mainly used for double axles heavy truck(Steyr, Dongfeng, Hongyan etc ) For the brackets, we can provide various of them for kinds of heavy trucks with drawing.
Testing Equipment:
We have complete full sets of testing equipments for these products. We promise no fault before delivery to clients & good performance in using.
Product name: King Pin
Material: 20 CrMnTi
Heat treatment: Carburizing and quenching
Head diameter: 47mm
Install position diameter: 45mm
Tail diameter: 43mm
Full length: 206mm
Application: Hongyan steyr, dongfeng, howo, etc

wooden box or carton packing

The king pin's Producing process:
1.Raw material choosing
2.Heating special treated
3.Forging the blanks
4.Trimming to form
5.Q/T treatment
6.Detectiondrawing1-King Pin.jpg


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