Magnetic Pump

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Magnetic drive pumps are sealless centrifugal pumps that use a coaxial magnetic coupling to transmit torque to an impeller. They are energy efficient and can circulate a variety of fluids including acids, caustics, and oils. Magnetic drive pumps (like most sealless pumps) have a higher capital cost than comparable centrifugal pumps, but offer reduced operating costs due to the lack of seal replacement, cleanup, waste, and downtime. They are particularly useful for transporting hazardous or expensive chemicals because there is no mechanical seal, eliminating the possibility of leakage or failure due to an obstruction.

Magnetic drive pumps use magnets to generate movement. These magnets are mounted on a carrier or drive assembly and are driven by a standard electric motor. For dynamic pumps, this drive assembly typically moves an impeller; for positive displacement pumps, it moves a mechanism which expands and contracts a cavity. The drive assembly consists of two separate rings of permanent magnets. The outer set moves the inner set via a rotating magnetic field, which in turn drives the pumping mechanism.