Marine LAN Cable

Marine LAN Cable

Marine LAN Cable

Marine LAN cable Application

The cable is suitable for high rate data transmission at a maximum 155Mhz(Cat5E) or 350Mhz(Cat6),used on ships,petrol platform and offshore buildings for data network,LAN.

Marine LAN cable Standard

IEC 60332-1-2
IEC 60754-1-2
IEC 61034
IEC 61156

Marine LAN cable Service Condition

1.Rated Voltage 300V

2.Long time allowable working temperature 60℃

Marine LAN cable Model

Type Size Diameter Reference Weight(kg/km)
Min. Max.
Cat5E 4X2X24AWG 9.0 10.0 110
Cat6 4X2X23AWG 10.0 11.0 130

Marine LAN cable Electrical Data

Electrical Data Unit Cat5E Cat6
Characteristic Impedence Ω 100±15 100±15
Mutual Capacitance at 1Khz nF/100m ≤5.6 ≤5.6
D.C resistance at 20℃ Ω/100m ≤9.38 ≤6.658
Skew ns/100m ≤538 ≤536
Imblance of D.C resistance % ≤3 ≤3
Imblance of capacitance to earth at 1Khz pF/100m ≤330 ≤330

Marine LAN cable Structure
marine LAN cable structure.jpg

Marine LAN cable Show


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