Marine Signal LED Navigation Light

Marine Signal LED Navigation Light

Marine Signal LED Navigation Light:

1.Based on LED technology,and its color complies to IALA Recommendations E-200-1.

2.Integrated design, enabling a rugged and completely waterproof seal capable of prolonged and deep immersion (IP68)

3.PC housing, UV resistance, shockproof and corrosion proof.

4.With birds pike.

5.256 kinds of flashing rate are available, comply with IALA.

6.Intensity can be adjusted from 25%,50%,75% and 100% of total intensity.

7.With photocell, and manual switch.

8.With steel wire to revent falling during mounting and adjusting.

9.With built in NiMH battery, easy for replace.

10.No RF-radiations, EMC Compliant.

11.Extremely reliable and cost saving.

Light characteristics
Intensity 10cd
Visible range more than 2.5nm
Available colors red, amber,green,blue,white
Vertical degree more than 9°
Horizontal degree 360°
Light source LED
LED life more than 100,000hrs
Electrical characteristics
Autonomy >20days(12hourdarkness,12.5%dutycycle)
On/offlevel 300lux±100lux
Flashingrate complies to IALA Recommendations, total 256 available
Power Supply
Solarmoduletype Multicrystalline
Output 1.8Watts
Batterytype HighgradeNiMH-Environmentfriendly
Batterycapacity 3.6V/8AH
Physical Characteristics
Integratedhousing UVresistancePC 
Waterproof IP68
Weight 1.7KG
Ambienttemperature -30℃~+70℃
Size H:170mm,D:228mm
Mountingdimension Ф200-4XM6
Customized ExternalpowerorInfraredcontrol

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