Multi purpose distribution cable GJFJV

Multi purpose distribution cable GJFJV

Multi purpose distribution cable GJFJV description

GJFJV multi-purpose distribution cable use several φ900μm flame retardant tight buffer fiber as optical communication medium,the tight buffer fiber wrapped with a layer of aramid yarn as strength member units,and the cable is completed with a PVC or LSZH(Low smoke,Zero halogen flame retardant)Sheath.

Application: Multi optical jumper and Indoor any purpose cable distribution

Multi purpose distribution cable GJFJV Characteristics

1.Tight buffer fiber ease of stripping
2.Aramid yarn as strength member make cable have excellent tensile strength
3.The jacket anti-corrosion,waterproof,anti-ultraviolet radiation,flame retardant and harmless to environment etc.
4.Product standards:Comply with Standards YD/T 1258.4-2005、ICEA-596、GR-409、IEC 60794-2-20/21,etc, and meet the requirements of UL approval for OFNR.

Multi purpose distribution cable GJFJV Technical parameters

Cable Code Diameter(mm) Weight(kg/km) Tensile strength(Long/Short)N Crush resistance(Long/Short)N/100mm Bending radius(Dynamic/Static) Sheath Material
GJFJV-02 4.1±0.25 12.4 200/660 300/1000 20D/10D PVC/LSZH
GJFJV-04 4.8±0.25 16.2 200/660 300/1000 20D/10D PVC/LSZH
GJFJV-06 5.2±0.25 20 200/660 300/1000 20D/10D PVC/LSZH
GJFJV-08 5.6±0.25 26 200/660 300/1000 20D/10D PVC/LSZH
GJFJV-10 5.8±0.25 28 200/660 300/1000 20D/10D PVC/LSZH
GJFJV-12 6.4±0.25 31.5 200/660 300/1000 20D/10D PVC/LSZH
GJFJV-24 8.5±0.3 42.1 200/660 300/1000 20D/10D PVC/LSZH
Transport/Storage/Operating Temperature:-20℃~+60℃,Installation temperature:-5℃~+50℃

Multi purpose distribution cable GJFJV Construction

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