Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve:

1. Application:

It is widely used in industries like metallurgy, power generation, coal, mining, hydro system.

2. Working Theory:

The open and close of the pneumatic knife gate valve is controlled through the reciprocating movement of electro-hydraulic mechanisms. If equipped with sensor or digital display, it can be controlled at remote distance or controlled through program or CCR when the valve locates at high and dangerous area.

3. Features:

Compact structure, smaller size

No need hydraulic pump station

Stable running, low impact, suit high pressure place

3. Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve and Other Related Knife Gate Valve:

Different Types of  Knife Gate Valves.jpg

4. Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve Factory:

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