QYW Pneumatic Submersible Pump

QYW Pneumatic Submersible Pump

QYW25-45 Type Pneumatic Submersible Drainage Pump:
In the new QYQ17-70 type air compressor is designed based on the QYW25-45 type pneumatic submersible drainage pump, beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, large flow, flow of the use of type structure, semi-open impeller for use HT200 material, can be less than or equal to 14mm particles, drainage capability, not because of the small solid particles or fibers inhalation and block, not due to abrasive medium inhalation and premature failure. The pump is of simple overall structure, convenient assembly and disassembly and maintenance in mobile, with firedamp and coal dust surface using the absolute safety is reliable, and the exhaust port is equipped with advanced new muffler, greatly reduces the noise measured ≤85dB, which can be used for coal mine in ship operations and stripping etc.
Model Explanation QYW25-45
QY-Pneumatic vane motor
W-Submersible drainage pump
25-Flow 25m3/h
45-Head 45m

Performance Parameter

Type Capacity Head Use wind pressure Gas consumption Fuel consumption Weight Speed Shape dimension
(m3/h) (m) (Mpa) (m3/min) (ml/h) (kg) (rpm) (L×W×H)(mm)
QYW25-45 25~38 45~10 0.4~0.7 5~6 3500~4000 350×200×500


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