Roller Reamer

Roller Reamer

Roller Reamer

Features of Roller Reamer:

  • Applicable to various reaming operations, especially for stabilizing purpose when drilling abrasive formations;
  • For 6” - 28” bore holes;
  • For bore holes of different sizes if equipped proper rollers and under pressure properly adjusted;
  • Three types of rollers available:
* Type T: Milled and machined with hardfaced sharp teeth to mill the well wall, for soft formations;
* Type F: Milled and machined with hardfaced flat teeth to crush the well wall, for medium to hard formations;
*Type B: Equipped with embedded tungsten carbide buttons for hard formations;

Pictures of Roller Reamer:

Roller Reamers in Workshop.jpg

Roller Reamers in Workshop

Roller Reamer - Three Types of Rollers.jpg

Roller Reamer - Three Types of Rollers

Roller Reamer Packaged.jpg

Roller Reamer Packaged

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