Rotary BOP

Rotary BOP

Rotary BOP

Features of Rotary BOP:

  • API standard
  • Dual/single rubber core sealing
  • Long service life
  • High dynamic and static sealing pressure
  • Only lubricated and cooled with water pump or oil pump but not hydraulic control system
  • Integral mounting/dismounting of the rotating assembly and the sealant core
  • Convenient for quick replacement on site
  • Forced lubrication for the bearing to make its running reliable and endurable
  • Hydraulic cylinder and locking device for the installation and uninstallation of the hoop
  • H2S corrosion-resisting
  • Modular design

Specifications of Rotary BOP

Max. Static Sealing Pressure

Max. Dynamic Sealing Pressure

Max. rpm

DN of Central Tube

Rotating Assembly OD

Max. Sealing Dimensions

Operating Media

21MPa (3000psi)

10.5MPa (1500psi)

120 rpm



5 1/4” hexagonal kelly + 5” drill rod (with 18”/35” joint)

Oil/natural gas/drilling fluid

Temp. Level of Metal Pressure-bearing Parts

Bottom Flange Spec.

By-pass Flange Spec.

Max Operating Pressure of Lubrication System

Pressure Rating of Locking and Control System

Operating Pressure of Cooling and Circulation System

Electric Power

T0 (-18 ~ 121℃)

13 5/8” – 5000psi 6B BX160

7 1/16” – 5000psi 6B R46

16MPa (2300psi)

4MPa (580psi)

0.8MPa (110psi)


2 1/16” – 5000psi 6B R24

Picture of Rotary BOP:

Rotary BOP.jpg

Rotary BOP

Rotary BOP - Dimensions.jpg

Rotary BOP - Dimensions

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