Shock Absorber For Ford

Shock Absorber For Ford

Shock Absorber For Ford

Suction rebound after spring shock absorber is mainly used to suppress the shock and impact from the road.
The shock absorber is the main damping element of an automotive suspension system and plays an important role in smoothness and safety of automobiles.When the automobile runs on different roads, the automobile frame and the driving axle do reciprocating motion, and the function of the automobile suspension is to transmit vertical reactive force , longitudinal reactive force and lateral reactive force of road surface against wheels and torques caused by the reactive force to the automobile frame so as to guarantee normal running

Product name: Shock Absorber For Ford
material: steel
cylinder diameter: Φ36(mm)
compression resistance: 99(N)
recovery resistance: 86(N)
application: Ford
package: ctn
FOB port: ShangHai/NanJing
delivery date: 60days

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