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Single arm rotary boat/raft davit (with crane)

Single arm rotary boat/raft davit (with crane)

Single arm rotary boat/raft davit (with crane)


This device is slew by the hydraulic, and launch the boat to the water surface by the boat own gravity.Throw the boat or raft outboard under the condition of loss of electricity while launching. The passengers could pull the remote control cable in the boat to launch or stop rescue boat or raft. As well, the crews can operate it on the deck. This device meets the SOLAS 1974,the international life saving equipment rules LSA and IMO.MSC81(70) and other requlatory requirements.

The single arm rescue boat/raft lowering device and technical data:

model max. safety working load hoisting load hoisting speed landing speed rope capacity of the reel rotation radius
SARC21 21KN 14KN more than 18m/min 40-60m/min 30m 3600-4500mm
SA23-1 23KN 14KN '' '' '' 3600-5400mm
SA23-2 23KN 18KN '' '' '' 3600-5000mm

Crane main technical data:

Max. hoisting load Rope capacity of the reel Max. rotation angle landing speed Rotation radius
30KN 30M less than 330° 11-15m/min 4100-5000mm
15KN '' '' '' 4100-7300mm
30KN '' '' '' 4100-5500mm


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