SPF Three-Spindle Screw Pump

SPF Three-Spindle Screw Pump

SPF Three-Spindle Screw Pump:


For the delivery of fuel oils, hydraulic oils or other lubricating liquids,The delivery media must not contain any abrasive particles nor chemically attack the pump materials.


SPF pumps operate as transfer ,booster and burner operation pumps in fuel oil engineering,as transfer and filling pumps in tank farms as well as lube-oil pumps in any industrial branches,They are moreover used for pressure generation in oil-hydraulic plants of all kids.


Owing to a special profiling of the thread flanks, the three screws from sealed chambers the contents of which are axially and completely continuosly shifted from the suction to the pump side of the pump as the screws turn. There will be no turbulence in spite of the screw rotation.The constant chamber volume excludes squeezing.
Temperature and pressure limits
Admissible temperature 150℃
Admissible delivery pressure 4.0Mpa
Admissible supply pressure 1.0Mpa


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