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 Stabilizer Bar For Mazda

Stabilizer Bar For Mazda

Stabilizer Bar For Mazda

Restore safe, comfortable handling to your vehicle. This sway bar (stabilizer bar) link provides an original equipment specification connection between your frame and anti-sway bar. Strict control of steel quality, hardening, forming, and machining yield a premium quality link for years of dependable performance.
Product name: Stabilizer Bar For Mazda
Material: Steel
Stud To Stud: 7-1/2 Inch
Position: Rear
Application: Mazda
MOQ: 100 Pieces
Delivery date:


The forging auto parts's process as followed:

1.Raw material choosing
2.Heating special treated
3.Forging the blanks
4.Trimming to form
5.Q/T treatment


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