YC4D130-20(D08FL) Diesel Engine

YC4D130-20(D08FL) Diesel Engine

YC4D130-20(D08FL) Diesel Engine:

The main parts :

Product Name No. Part No. Parts Name Remark
YC4D130-20(D08FL) Diesel Engine 1 D010A-1001000 Engine suspension assembly
2 D08LB-1002000 Cylinder Block Assembly
3 D08LB-1002200 Timing gear chamber parts
4 D0300-1003000 Cylinder head and cover assembly
5 D0200-1004000 Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly
6 D08ND-1005000 Crankshaft Vibration Damper Assembly
7 D30-1006000A Camshaft Assembly
8 D30-1007000A Valve Tappet Assembly
9 D0898-1008100 Intake Manifold parts
10 D0898-1008200 Exhaust Manifold parts
11 D0305-1009000 Oil Sump Assembly
12 D30-1010000 Oil Strainer Assembly
13 D30-1011000A Oil Pump Assembly
14 150-1012000B Oil Filter Assembly
15 D0801-1013000 Oil Cooler Assembly
16 D08FA-1104000 Fuel Supply lines Assembly
17 D0200-1105000A Fuel Filter Assembly
18 D0800-1111000 Fuel Injection Pump Assembly
19 D0800-1112000 Injector Assembly
20 J41FB-115000 Fuel lock-off Assembly
21 D08FE-1130000 Fuel Injection Pump Accessory Assembly
22 D08FL-1118000 Turbocharger Assembly
23 D08WH-1303000 Water Pipe and Hose Assembly for Radiator
24 D08FA-1305000 Drainage Switch Assembly
25 D08FA-1306000 Thermostat Assembly
26 D08ND-1307000 Water Pump Assembly
27 D08FA-1308000 Fan Assembly
28 D0898-1600000 Power Out-put Assembly
29 D08XA-3407000 Steering Pump Assembly
30 D0899-3509000 Pneumatic Air Compressor Assembly
31 D08AA-3701000 Alternator Assembly
32 D30-3708000 Starter Assembly
33 D08FA-3800000 Instruments and Sensors
34 D08ND-8104000 Air Condition Compressor Assembly
35 D0800-390400 Nameplate


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