100KW Bow Thruster

100KW Bow Thruster

100KW Bow Thruster:

Bow thrusters below the waterline in order to improve manoeuvrability. Bow thruster is primarily used for docking, slow speed maneuvering, emergency steering and station keeping at zero or slow forward speed. Allow the ship to dock without the assistance of tugboats, saving the costs of such service.Widely apply on tugboat,tanker,ferry,passenger ships,bulk carriers etc.

Bow thruster consist: Electric Drive Motor ,Frequency converter,Motor starter,Control panel,Thruster part and Gravity tank

Advantage:Frequency converter intergrated in Motor starter cabinet,it finished programming at factory and save the set parameters.

Customer no need set by themself,it help easy commissiong.With correct wiring the bow thruster can work normally.No need extra cost on engineer service.

Installation:Gravity tank install height propeller center line of water line of "H",install height is 1.3H --1.4 H,over loading water line upwards Min 2m

Motor space-heater last out 24 hour by the power supply(AC200V,100W)

Bow thruster power selection according to vessel dimension ,outlines ,working condition etc.Engineers with many experience make a table for each vessel bow thruster power.

bow thruster .jpg

Bow thruster power selection

bow thruster frequecy converter.jpg

Frequency converter

bow thruster motor.jpg

Electric motor and propellers

bow thruster central control box.jpg

Centre control box


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