Auto engine valve seal

Auto engine valve seal

Auto engine valve seal:

The device comprises a main seat (11) of metal, having a tie wing (12) intended to be fixed to the valve body (1), and a sealing structure (13) intended to cooperate with the shutter (3 ) of the valve. The sealing structure has an outer wall (18) of rolled sheet metal.

The sealing structure (13) of the main seat (11) is supported on the valve body (1) via an auxiliary seat (23). This presents to the sealing structure a convex surface.

Use to reduce the operating torque of the valve and improve the seal in the closed position, by supporting the coil of rolled sheet in the envelope.

The headquarters of such a sealing device can work in different ways according to its installation. In some known valves, the sealing structure is enclosed in a groove in the body. When the shutter is brought into the closed position, it presses the section of the sealing structure such that annular area of contact of a certain width between the stopper and the rolled sheet.

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Valve seal:

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