Bow thruster

Bow thruster

Bow Thruster:

The primary function of the fixed pitch bow thruster is produce side thrust by motor –coupling-gear box. Fixed pitch tunnel thruster which is submitted this time is driven by frequency motor. Rotational direction and magnitude of propeller is controlled by changing input frequency and phase of driving motor.
The basic functions of electrical control system include following 3 parts: Servo control of pitch fixed propeller, indicating rotational speed(with steering), and current indicating of tunnel thruster motor; Supply tunnel thruster device to realize on and off control in remote. Supply alarming indicating when tunnel thruster produces failure.

Electrice type bow thruster is widely used.Easy to maintain and with friendly environment.

Our bow thruster advantage:Frequency converter intergrated in Motor starter cabinet, it finished programming at factory and save the set parameters.Customer no need set by themself, it help easy commissioning. With correct wiring the bow thruster can work normally. No need extra cost on engineer service.

Environmental condition

The bow thruster will have normal and reliable running in following environment.

Ambient temperature: -28ºC—+55ºC/

Relative humidity: 95%(the relative humidity of installation environment of vibrate frequency starter and electric control device is 80%, and should have forced ventilation measures)

Rolling:±22.5º Heel:±15º

Trim: ±5º Pitching:±7.5º

With salt fog, oil fog, mold and vibration and impact from normally sail.

Electric bow thruster:

Electric bow thruster.jpg
Engine bow thruster:
engine bow thruster Z transmission.jpg

Hydraulic bow thruster

Hydraulic bow thruster.jpg


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