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Chemical Drain Valve

Chemical Drain Valve

Chemical Drain Valve:

1. Product Brief Introduction:

(1). Model: PZ41TC

(2). Material: Stainless Steel

(3). Pressure Surrounding: High Pressure

(4). Working Temperature: High Temperature

(5). Flow Way: One Way

(6). Drive Term: Pneumatic

(7). Media: Air

(8). Valve Type Butterfly

(9). Location of Channel: Directly Operated Type

(10). Valve Working Depth: 10 Meters

2. Product Specification:

Nominal Pressure /
Nominal Diameter 10-1000 mm
Usage Range City Water Factory, Sewage Treatment Factory
Product Origin Country China

3. Chemical Drain Valve WorkingTheory Picture:

Chemical Drain Valve Working Theory

4. Chemical Drain Valve In Factory Picture:

Chemical Drain Valve In Factory


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