Cummins Valve seal

Cummins Valve seal

Cummins Valve seal

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3.cummins valve oil seal

ummins valve oil seal We specialize in Dongfeng Cummins 6BT, 6CT, L, ISBE, ISDE, ISLE Series with many years experiences. Were the sole agent of Dongfeng Fuji Thomsons Thermolator and No.2 Auto manufacture Power equipment Plant, and also the biggest agent of Shanghai Fleetguard filter. Our products have been sold well all over the country.Our company relies on Humanist to honestly wins others trust to provide high quality products. We do our best to provide a wide range of products with reliable quality and highly competitive price for our customers. For ordering our goods, please kindly show us the specific model, part name, part number and required quantities. Your orders are welcomed.Feel free to contact us for more information: Cummins G4 Valve seal

Main products: cylinder block, cylinder head, head gasket, upper and lower

gasket, engine repair kits, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, bearing,

flywheel, cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, piston pin, oil pump, fuel transfer

pump, fuel injection pump, injector, water pump, turbochargers, oil cooler,

air compressor, gear housing, filters, starter, alternator, intake and exhaust

valve, fan belt pulley, rocker arm, etc

Other Cummins parts:

4946586 cylinder block
3977225 Cylinder head CYLINDERS
3974635/3974538 crankshaft
3971529 fuel Pump
4043982.404 turbocharger
3906698/4988676 air compressor
4992135 starter
4898808/4943979 set of rods
4981722/4981723 flywheel
4955337 set of pistons
4892318/4892318 generator
4936423/4936420 Case gear
3978031/32/34/36 fuel pipe
4955229 Gasket set upper engine
4955230 Gasket set lower part of the engine
4939588 oil pump
4929827 flywheel
3800984/4891252 Water pumps
4891116/4898548/ 4936440 idler roller
4932210 cylinder head gasket
3802924/3940735 Set the intake valves
3975818 Maslen cooler
3802967/3940734 Outlet valves
4980333/4931572 Oil filter bracket
4955161 Set of piston rings
4921322 Those switches pressure
3955153 Pinion fuel pump
4076493 Those switches pressure
3941253 12p pusher
3971520 Pinion air compressor
3929016/3929021 3978818/3978820 Indigenous ear (lower 7 top 7)
3929017/3929022 3978818/3978820 Ear indigenous 0.25 (lower 7 top 7)
3929018/3929023 3978818/3978820 Ear root 0.5 (7 lower the top 7)
3929019/3929024 3978818/3978820 Ear indigenous 0.75 (lower 7 top 7)
4933777 Air intake pipe
4937308 Piston cooling nozzle
4893693/3939859 3969562/4893693 Inserts connecting rod (top 6 lower 6)
4892795/3939860 3969562/4893693 Ear crankpin 0.25 (top 6 lower 6)
4892796/3939861 3969562/4893693 Ear crankpin 0.50 (top 6 lower 6)
4892797/3939862 3969562/4893693 Ear crankpin 0.75 (top 6 lower 6)
4921684 Those switches positions kolenava
4897898 oil filter
3802820 Radial seal kalenvala
3974823 thermostat
3918685 air outlet
4954905 Those switches temperature
3927772 Thrust bearing crankshaft
3926126 Rear crankshaft oil seal
4891179 connecting rod bolt
3955393 Maslosemnye caps

Cummins Valve seals:

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