DAEWOO camshafts

DAEWOO camshafts

DAEWOO camshafts:

The camshaft is an apparatus used in piston engines to operate poppet valves. It consists of a cylindrical rod running the length of the cylinder bank with a number of oblong lobes or cams protruding from it, one for each valve. The cams force the valves open by pressing on the valve, or on some intermediate mechanism, as they rotate....

A series of camshaft:
In order to make you engine to keep good function, for reducing fueling depletion.
Once there is circumstance as following, you must replace old camshaft.
1. The camshaft aged.
2. underpower.
3. The engine turns over.
4. The pollution is increasing.
5. The performance of engine is reducing.

Technology information:
The camshaft usually is used in the four angles of engine.
It mostly is used for controlling valve, and it also can drive other Equipment.
There is possible reason which affect performance of the camshaft and hydraulic tappet as following:
1. Material is incompatible.
2. Crudely made.
3. The surface is out-of-flatness.
4. The pressure of surface is asymmetry.
5. The shape is unqualified.
6. Don’t use the machinery oil commended by the manufacturer.
7. And about lube.
Once there is circumstance as following, you must replace camshaft.
1. The camshaft is scuffed or broken.
2. The bracket of camshaft distorts over 5mm.
3. The stalk differs more than 0.15 mm.
4. The engine turns over.
5. The oil is used excessly.
6. The pollution is increasing.
7. The engine has abnormity.
8. The performance of engine is reducing.

when you change the camshaft, please also replace the hydraulic tappet.

Essentiality: Avoid circumstance occurred

There is a reason which we don’t agree with you to use the reconstructive camshaft as following:
1.The rigidity of lift reduces.
2.The performance of resistance to compression reduces.
3.The perforation of camshaft has error.

NewCams camshaft=
Excellent performance +low waste Please check up
Assembled Camshaft
As the basic elements for optimization of the entire valve drive system,NewCams developed the Assembled Camshaft.Assembled Camshaft is made by the precision Pipe fittings and the cams assembly on it. The material of cams can be steel and Powder metallurgy. The drive and driven gear components should made of various techniques and materials production.The main Features of Assembled Camshaft as fellow:1. Precision Steel has a high torsional and flexural stiffness.
2. The material of cams can choose in steel and Powder metallurgy at random.
3. Assembly process with high precision angle.
4. In the camshaft pipe, camshaft bearings, accessories, materials, and integration of engine’s lubrication functions are have comfortable design freedom.
5. Assembly of high precision, but does not affect the cam profile.
6. To compare with casting camshaft, the weight reduce as much as 45


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