Diesel Engine R180 Piston Pin

Diesel Engine R180 Piston Pin

Diesel Engine R180 Piston Pin:

R180 Diesel Engine Pison Pin
1.Hardened steel pin
3.Anti-rust & polished surface
4.Diesel engine spares supply

Diesel Engine Spares R180 Piston Pin

R180 piston pin is a hardened steel pin which connects R180 diesel engine piston to a connecting rod. The piston pin is hollow to reduce weight and is held in place with a number of different methods. Piston pin is also called wrist pin in some countries.

Spare Part Piston pin
Size 67mm*23mm
Diesel model R180
Technic cold forming (hardened steel)
Certificate CE, GS, ISO

We can supply piston pins for diesel engine in diferent models, such as:165F, 170F, R175A , R180A , R185, S195, S1100, S1110, S1115, S1125, ZH1105, ZH1110, ZH1115, ZH1125, ZH1130, JD300, Z170F , EM185, XT185, CF1105, CF1125 etc.

We mainly supply diesel spare parts, including:

Cylinder Block; Cylinder Liner;

Cylinder Head; Cylinder Gasket;

Piston; Piston ring; Piston pin

Crankshaft; Valve assembly;

Camshaft; Rock arm assembly;

Fuel supply assembly;

Gear housing assembly;

Connecting rod; Lubrication system;

Other diesel engine parts.

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Engine piston pin:

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