Drill Rig Rubber Sheath Cable

Drill Rig Rubber Sheath Cable

Drill Rig Rubber Sheath Cable

1.rated voltage 0.3/0.5kv,used as power cord for underground drill rig rated voltage is 0.3/0.5kv.
2.maximum allowable conductor temperature: 65 ℃ 90 ℃
3.Permissible minimum working temperature is -35 ℃
4.cable bend radius less than six times the cable diameter.
5.Conductive core:Tinned Copper
6.Cable resistance between the insulative main core and between the main core the ground , conversion to +20 ℃ is no less than 100MΩ · km.
7.Finished Cable: Stranding to the right,if it is no central control unit,put fillings into center,if it has control unit,put earth core into center.
8.Cable logo: printed the cable type, voltage , specifications , and manufacturer.

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Drill Rig Rubber Sheath Cable Model

Model Product Name Application
MZ-0.3/0.5 Mine Drill Rig Rubber Sheath Cable

Power Connection for Mine Underground Drill Rig rated voltage no more than 0.3/0.5kv

MZP-0.3/0.5 Mine Drill Rig Shield Rubber Sheath Cable

Coal Mine Drill Rig Rubber Sheathed Cable Specifications:

Core Number*Conductor Nominal Cross-Section(mm2) Conductor Number/Single Conductor Diameter Nominal Thickness Cable Outer Diameter
Power Core Earth Core Control Core Power Core Insulator Sheath Drill Rig Flexible Cable 0.3/0.5kv Drill Rig Shielding Flexible Cable 0.3/0.5kv
3*2.5 1*2.5 - 77/0.20 1.0 3.5 16.5~19.5 19.5~23.0
3*4 1*4 - 126/0.20 1.0 3.5 17.5~21.5 21.0~24.5
3*2.5 1*2.5 1*2.5 77/0.20 1.0 3.5 17.5~21.0 21.0~24.5
3*4 1*4 1*4 126/0.20 1.0 3.5 19.0~23.0 22.5~26.5

Insulator Resistance

Power Core Conductor Nominal Cross-Section(mm2) 20 ℃insulative resistance minimum(MΩ.km) 20℃ Conductor DC Resistance Maximum(Ω/km)
2.5 350 8.82
4 300 5.39

Coal Mine Drill Rig Rubber Sheathed Cable Structure:


Coal Mine Drill Rig Rubber Sheathed Cable Show:




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