Dual Duct Cabin Unit

Dual Duct Cabin Unit

Dual Duct Cabin Unit
Cabin Unit is specially design for conditioned air supply in living quarters on board. A variety of air diffusers ranging from single pipe, twin-pipe, unit with/without heater, pan diffuser unit or dampa-ceiling diffuser, mounting on ceiling or bulkhead.
The conditioned air is supplied through ceiling diffuser, grill or punkah louver upon specific design and requirement.
Cabin units manufactured in suitable sizes meets the ventilation requirements, the heating and cooling loads.
Volume control device equipped in cabin unit
Optional individual room temperature control, apart from air flow control can be fitted in the twin-pipe cabin units or built-in reheat type cabin units.
Special attention paid to sound attenuation; our cabin units have achieved satisfactory sound levels even at extreme situations acceptable to all related marine standards.
Compact structure and easy installation on the ceiling
The diffuser is either pan type or the ball type
Auxiliary electric heating devices can be added to the above type of cabin units

ith reheater or without reheater is available
Available for different applications
3.TNHS type for dual duct system,with the one pipe for cool air and the other pipe for heated air to be mixed in the cabin unit for maximum comfort.

Attenuator box: Al-Zinc steel
Diffuser of pan type(c):ABS engineering plastics
Diffuser of ball type (n):stainless steel

5.Samper drawing of TNHS dual duct cabin unit


The function curve of TNHS cabin unit


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