Engine piston pin

Engine piston pin

Engine piston pin:

1 outer surface of the carburized layer 0.3-0.5, organized by the Ministry Zhixin uniform carburized layer transition,

the inner surface of the carburized layer depth of not more than 0.2.
2 carburized layer of fine acicular microstructure of martensite, the center is an exploded state microstructure of ferrite and martensite.
3.Appearance hardness HRC58-62, core hardness is HRC35-45.
4 inner and outer surface without cracks, pitting, bump, corrosion defects.
5 piston pin and approved by magnaflux demagnetization.
6 The remaining press JB/T8118-1997 "internal combustion piston pin technology" provisions.

Cylinder Jin: 100 General tolerances : 0.003 gas ring: 4
Center hardness: 30 pin hole × Pin length: 45 * 98 (mm) Compression Height: 100 (mm)
Cylinder type: strong for cars: Ashkenazi, the U.S. Department of Japanese Material: 20L
Oil ring: 12 Origin: Hebei carburizing depth: 0.3
Surface hardness :58-62 Bore: 100 Model: 10/38 generator ET950
Piston ring section shape: cone ring diameter :10-30 (mm) ring groove: 8
Piston ring structure: slotted oil ring spiral spring - Applicable models: Engine Part Number: 0078
Total height: 98 (mm) Applicable models: cars. Diesel vehicles

Motorcycle piston pin series: AX100, DX100, JH70, JD100, CG125.CG150

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